A centralized system that handles the monitoring of income and outgoing financial transaction based on accounting principles and management of your stock inventory.

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Work Anywhere.

With Elasticbooks, business is made accessible using any devices such as computers and mobile phones. Data are always backed up.

Eulap Software Solutions

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Elasticbooks is built for small to medium enterprises. Helps Business owners to get organized and get paid. It makes your work look professional and save a lot of time.

Eulap Software Solutions

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A web based accounting system and inventory system hats designed for flexibility that will fit the needs and set up of your company.

Eulap Software Solutions

Secure cloud-based inventory with simple pricing.

An affordablecloud-based application that helps you manage your accounts to look professionally done.

Eulap Software Solutions

                       A centralized system that will handle the monitoring of incoming and outgoing financial transaction based on accounting principles and management of your stock inventory. The following are the prominent features and factors why you should avail it:

Multi Company and Branches

        One system that will handle all your company's or branches financial transaction. All your financial report in the whole company can be generated in our system regardless of your location. Elasticbooks can give you necessary reports when you need it especially when you need make a crucial decision for your company.

Process Oriented

        Check and balance is one of the most important business principles that needs to be employed in every company. Elasticbooks can handle the check and balance for all your financial transactions. This can guide your company so that all of your signed checks are properly documented and approved by the accountable person. The system is very flexible and is very capable of following your existing workflow and process.


        We understand that every business process is unique and this is one of our foundation in creating our system. Elasticbooks can follow what ever process and methodology that you are currently following in your current setup. From your forms (Invoices, Vouchers, Ledgers, receipt and etc.) to reports, we will customize everything based on your requirement.

Support and Maintenance

        In our experience, support is one of the most crucial and important phase in every software development. One of our implementation plan is focused on enabling our clients to use Elasticbooks. Aside from the accounting set up and training, we will provide an account officer for you so that you can contact the officer during office hours.

Business Advantage

        Each business has its core competence that is focused to deliver to their client's needs precisely and we understand that maintaining and supporting any software will be a burden to a company, aside the fact that it will take resources and cost. Elasticbooks is not purely a software but more of support that lets you focus on your business while we handle your accounting and software needs.

Modules and Reports

        The format of the forms and reports are customizable depending on your need. Such as General Ledger, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Cash Management and Inventory System.

What we offer?

Purchase Report
Receiving Report
Saving Received Report
AP Payment Form
Account Sales
Account Collection
Accounting System

        Organized set of computerized accounting methods, procedures, and controls established to gather, record, classify, analyze, summarize, interpret, and present accurate and timely financial data for management decisions.

Inventory System

        The Inventory System supports updating inventory information for all items, monitoring inventory depletion, and importing and exporting inventory information to and from external systems of record.

Supplier Monitoring System

        Monitors the transaction between you and your supplier.

Expenses Monitoring System

        Monitors the expenses of the company.

How much does it cost?

                       Elasticbooks is acentralized system that will handle the monitoring of incoming and outgoing financial transaction based on accounting principles and management of your stock inventory. To know more about the products simply click the item you want to purchase from the following:

Where it all started..


Humble Beginnings

EElasticbooks starts as a support for the J Star company, the parent company of Eulap sofware Soltions. Its first client was a rice mill production and was developed by Eulap Software Solutions CEO, Lemuel Javellana. At first its a simple support for the rice mill production business then later on, Elasticbooks has expanded its horizon. Aside from accounting system, it also offers Inventory, Payroll, Checkbook Writer, Supplier Monitoring and Expenses Monitoring System as developed by Eulap Software Solution team members.

EEulap software solutions are a group of individuals based in Manila, Philippines. Bound by the love of technology and passion for developing solutions that will make your life uncomplicated. They strive for perfection in our work and we'd love to help you attain your goals.

          This only shows that no matter what industry and no matter what size the company is, Eulap has the right IT solutions for your needs.

Dedication at the core

          Elasticbooks derives its name from the word itself, Elastic. In economics, elastic means a situation in which which the supply and demand for a good or service can vary significantly. Elasticbooks varies according to what the user needs. In short, it is scalable. You can use it in a small up to a large enterprise. No need to buy another software if your business is expanding. Which can be a good investment that may last up to a lifetime.

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